The A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center

Meet Trent

Trent (3) entered care the day he was born due to being exposed to drugs prenatally. His biological mother had a history of substance abuse and did not know she was pregnant until later. As a result, she received limited prenatal care. Upon arriving at The A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center, Trent received KidSTART services which provided the specialized care he needed.

Given his background, Trent had developmental and behavioral health needs. His caregivers adored him, and it was difficult for them to recognize he needed services, such as mental health and speech therapy.

Over time, Trent’s caregivers were very engaged in his speech therapy sessions, as they knew Trent was not talking as much as he should be. As Trent began saying more words, his caregivers were excited to see him making great progress. Additionally, KidSTART connected Trent with a Speech & Motion group, where he progressed even more. Meanwhile, his caregivers participated in a parent education group and learned about the services Trent needed, celebrated his successes, and learned about community resources.  

Thanks to supporters like you, by the time he turned 3, he had graduated from mental health therapy and, group therapy, and was ready for a preschool program! He had developmentally “caught up.” Without the community’s generosity, Trent may have not received the support and services he needed.