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Guardian Scholars supports our foster youth who wish to obtain a university, community college, or trade school education. This vital resource provides students with the financial assistance and support to fulfill their dreams of attaining higher education.

Promises2Kids’ Guardian Scholars encourages foster youth to pursue higher education through community college, trade school or a university degree. This highly successful resource provides former foster youth with a partial financial scholarship along with mentoring support to assist them in adapting to and excelling in a higher education setting. More than 300 youth have been provided scholarships. Over 90% of guardian scholars will be first-generation graduates.

Promises2Kids provides the support and encouragement that a family would typically provide.

By giving college preparatory support, academic scholarships, mentoring, and individual support, foster youth gain the necessary tools to support themselves and become self-sufficient adults. Promises2Kids has an over 80% success rate with our Guardian Scholars. They are staying in post high school education and graduating — setting the foundation for a successful future. The collaborative partnership between Promises2Kids and the student’s educational institution helps students navigate their way through the education system, and provides the encouragement, support, and direction that a parent would normally provide.

It costs only $5,000 to support one student in their dreams of higher education through Guardian Scholars. Promises2Kids will provide over 100 students with scholarships this year.

Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars provides the following support:

  • College preparation, SAT Courses and unique college level courses
    while in high school as a Junior Guardian Scholar
  • Quarterly training and educational opportunities
  • Financial scholarships
  • Peer support and social activities
  • Mentoring

Congratulations to this year’s Guardian Scholars students!
We’re so proud of you and your achievements!

Guardian Scholars 2017

Junior Guardian Scholars

In an effort to provide foster youth the tools necessary to have a bright future, Promises2Kids, in 2013, launched Junior Guardian Scholars.  This unique component to Guardian Scholars reaches foster youth while they are in high school – intervening at a critical time in their lives – preparing them for graduation, a higher education, and beyond.  Junior Guardian Scholars provides multifaceted support through mentoring, SAT preparation, college planning, financial aid and college application workshops, and STE[+a]M programs at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).   STE[+a]M education unites the left and right sides of the brain, encouraging students to engage science and creativity.

Promises2Kids has teamed with UCSD to offer STE[+a]M to San Diego’s foster youth.  According to the STE[+a]M Manifesto, “STE[+a]M is the inclusion of Arts[+a] with Science, Technology, Engineering, Math [STEM].” Providing foster youth with critical thinking, mathematical, and creative tools prepares them to be competitive in the growing STEM career market.  Everyone involved benefits – foster youth receive the resources they deserve and demand is met in the STEM fields.

By making educational investments in current and former foster youth, and utilizing innovative, research-based, already-established programs in the community, Promises2Kids is changing the outcomes for foster youth by bolstering their dreams, facilitating their creativity, and nourishing their spirits.  Together, we can create a brighter future for foster youth – especially through education and STEM.

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Applications are open now through February 14, 2020.