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Foster Youth Impact Stories

Meet Trent

Trent (3) entered care the day he was born due to being exposed to drugs prenatally. Given his background, Trent had developmental and behavioral health needs. His caregivers adored him, and it was difficult for them to recognize he needed services, such as mental health and speech therapy.

Meet Ally, Kirby, & Maddy

Ally, Kirby, and Maddy entered care in 2015. They suffered from severe abuse and neglect, and it was unsafe for them to remain at home. In addition to being removed at such a young age, they were split up and currently live apart. On top of everything, they changed schools, which disrupted their social lives, and crucially, their relationships with each other. They started attending Camp Connect to maintain that precious bond they felt with each other through monthly visits and events.

Meet Andy

Andy (3) entered care at 10 months old due to severe neglect. Like many 3-year-old boys, Andy loves playing with cars, however, because of his autism it is often difficult to find toys that interest him. When his caregiver noticed his fascination with cars, Promises2Kids funded Andy’s request for his very own toy car!  

Meet Ian

Datayia entered care at age 7. After moving schools 5 times while in care, she came to Guardian Scholars looking for stability and an identity. She immediately joined the Black Identity Group and found a community of people just like her. Now she's at San Diego City College earning her degree on the way to being a small business owner...

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