Camp Connect

Meet Theo & Remi

Theo (12) and Remi (11) entered care in 2018 due to abuse and neglect. They were separated and had limited opportunity to see each other until July 2021, when they started attending Camp Connect events.

Their recent trip to Universal Studios was an extra special one, as it fell just a week before Theo’s birthday. Remi was so excited to bring her birthday present to him. Our volunteers asked if she would like to leave the gift on the bus to keep it safe, but she declined.

Theo was thrilled to see Remi and was touched by her kindness. Remi was excited to see his face light up as he opened his gift, a new shirt and leather bracelet. He carried both around all day, only setting them down once to share a giant baked pretzel with his sister.

Thanks to supporters like you, siblings like Theo and Remi are able to see each other regularly and share special memories together!