Foster Funds

Meet Maggie

Maggie (16) recently reentered care again due to an unsafe living environment, where her biological mother was unable to care for her. She first arrived at the A.B and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center, and now lives in a foster home.

Being at a new home, Maggie had to move schools, where the only person she knew was her foster sibling. Initially, she was nervous about being in a new environment and having to make new friends. To make the transition easier, she decided to get involved in color guard, which quickly became her passion and helped her meet new friends she wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Her caregiver reached out to Promises2Kids when she heard about a color guard camp that she wanted to be a part of, but did not have the resources to fund it. Through the Something Special Fund, Promises2Kids was able to fund the opportunity to enhance her skills and make life-lasting memories with her team. When Maggie found out she would be able to attend, she was excited and couldn’t wait to start. Every day after camp, Maggie would go home talking about how much fun she had and the new friends she made. Her caregiver noticed how much camp boosted her self-esteem and her perspective on her new school completely changed, and she embraced the opportunity for a fresh start.

Because of supporters like you, foster children like Maggie receive the opportunity to go out of her comfort zone, find new passions, and feel a sense of belonging in new environments.