Camp Connect

Meet Jenny, Kevin, & Jason

When Camp Connect took a group of siblings to THE LOT in Liberty Station to see The Super Mario Bros. movie, they experienced one of life’s simple pleasures with their loved ones. Going to the movie theater is all about transporting yourself to another place, seeing and hearing extraordinary things, and getting lost in a story. It’s a magical experience we share with our loved ones because we get to learn about ourselves and others from the comfort of our seats.

Three of those in attendance were siblings Jenny (18), Kevin (16), and Jason (10).  They entered care last year when a situation of abuse and neglect made it unsafe for them to remain at home. They started attending Camp Connect events shortly after, though due to scheduling conflicts, they haven’t had a chance to all be together since December.

They chose the front row, right under the screen and they lifted the armrests of their seats to make a long couch they could all share together. Bundled up together, they created a very “at home” experience. All three fit themselves on two seats, giggling as they tangled in a comfy lump together, sharing snacks, private jokes, and smiles throughout the movie. They were content to be together on their own little “island”, away from the rest of the group.

It was the innocent bliss of watching a movie with those you care about, that made this day one to remember for these siblings. Thanks to supporters like you, this won’t be the last one.