Foster Funds

Meet Hazel

Hazel (16) entered care earlier this year when her biological mother could no longer take care of her. She was severely verbally abused, making it an unsafe living environment for her to be in. 

Hazel has since been living in a new home and has started at a new high school. She is naturally introverted, and with all the recent changes in her life, she was not looking forward to attending a new school. To cheer Hazel up, her caregiver reached out to Promises2Kids, and through the Something Special Fund, LEGOLAND tickets were funded. The tickets were requested as a surprise for her, as she had previously mentioned to her caregiver she had dreamed of going to LEGOLAND for as long as she could remember. When Hazel found out she had been granted tickets, she was so excited and could hardly wait!  

Hazel had an unforgettable day at LEGOLAND, sharing excitement and laughter with her caregiver. Her favorite part of the day was the LEGOLAND Driving School, where at the end she received a souvenir driver’s license to remember her day at the amusement park. She now carries the memento in her phone case, to remember that day. 

Not only did she enjoy her time at LEGOLAND, but she is settling nicely into her new school and even has a group of friends that made her feel special on her birthday. 

The community’s support makes experiences like this possible for foster children like Hazel!