Foster Funds

Meet Ethan

Ethan (3) was only three months old when he was placed into foster care due to neglect and living in an unsafe environment. He has since been with a caregiver who is dedicated to providing him with the childhood he deserves.

Ethan is an active toddler and has autism. He thrives on movement and physical activity. Sensory items help him relax, stay focused, and expend his excess energy. That’s why his caregiver reached out to Promises2Kids, and through the Something Special Fund, Ethan’s request for a bike, wobble disk, and swing was granted.

Like any 3-year-old, Ethan loves his new bike and while he is still learning how to use the pedals, he enjoys showing his bike to his siblings and anyone around. He takes pride in riding his bike around the yard. With his new bike, wobble disk, and swing set up in his backyard, Ethan spends a lot of time in the fresh air, doing what he does best, being an active toddler. Best of all, these items have allowed him to bond and play with his siblings, where in the past, it was difficult to find toys that they could all enjoy.

With supporters like you, children like Ethan can receive that keep them active and start creating the happy memories of a carefree childhood.