Camp Connect

Meet Ally, Kirby, and Maddy

Ally, Kirby, and Maddy entered care in 2015. They suffered from severe abuse and neglect, and it was unsafe for them to remain at home. In addition to being removed at such a young age, they were split up and currently live apart. On top of everything, they changed schools, which disrupted their social lives, and crucially, their relationships with each other. They started attending Camp Connect to maintain that precious bond they felt with each other through monthly visits and events.

It doesn’t matter where their visits take place or what they do because they always have fun together. During one visit, they spent an afternoon at Dave & Busters. Their favorite games were the racing games, where they could compete head-to-head and playfully tease each other. They were, however, sure to spend a chunk of time playing the ticketed arcade games so they could redeem their winnings at the prize counter. They pooled their tickets together to get a plush stuffed otter for Maddy.

They wanted buffalo wings next and even the time spent in the car on the way to the restaurant was savored. They joked and laughed together the entire way. Maddy ordered the spiciest wings, and they all took turns seeing who could handle the heat.

Thanks to your vital support of programs like Camp Connect, siblings like Ally, Kirby, and Maddy can continue being in each other’s lives and can create unforgettable moments like these.