Foster Funds

Meet Abby

Abby (7) entered foster care when she was three years old due to severe medical neglect and has lived in many different homes, separated from her siblings. 

Abby loves animals and trying new experiences, and through the Something Special Fund, her request to attend the horseback riding camp was funded.

Although she had never ridden on a horse, Abby was very excited when she heard she was going to camp, however was disappointed when she learned she’d only be able to attend if her caregiver was present to support her needs. To Abby’s surprise, she had the opportunity to ride Shamu, the horse, all by herself and was extremely proud of herself.  At the end of camp, Abby gave her caregiver a tour around, and introduced her to all the animals at camp.  

Abby and her caregiver ended up having the best time! This camp boosted her self-esteem and proved to herself that she can still find her independence even if she needs a little support. She has already been asking if she can go back next year to ride Shamu.

Without supporters like you, we would not be able to provide foster youth like Abby, with childhood experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.