The staff members of Promises2Kids bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds to the organization. Together, they work to build brighter futures for the abused and neglected children who are now living in the foster care system in San Diego County.


Tonya Torosian, MSW, CFRE
Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Segal Ortega, MA
Chief Operating Officer
Email     (858) 751-6609

Emily Hassig
Chief Development Officer
Email     (858) 751-6624

Steve Goldstein
Chief Financial Officer
Email     (858) 751-6611

Patty King
Director of Programs
Email     (858) 751-6617



Paul Barnard
Database Services Specialist

Lauren Cook
Event Manager 
Email     (858) 751-6623

Rajah Gainey
Individual and Corporate Gifts Manager
Email     (858) 751-6610

Faye Luepton
PR & Marketing Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6615

Sarah Ruby
Event Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6608




Angela Aceves
Junior Guardian Scholars Supervisor
Email    (858) 751-6604

Andrea Arroyo   
Guardian Scholars Coordinator

Taelani Camacho
Junior Guardian Scholars Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6612

Zach Chandler
Guardian Scholars Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6606

Rashida Elimu
Guardian Scholars Supervisor
Email     (858) 751-6605

George Puga
Guardian Scholars Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6618

Olivia Victory
Guardian Scholars Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6614



Clifton Hidds-Narcisse
Camp Connect Coordinator
Email     (858) 751-6613

Lenny Leszczynski
Camp Connect/Volunteer Manager
Email     (858) 751-6616