Community Connections

San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

Oct 26, 2022

Camp Connect Explores the San Diego Zoo

Camp Connect took a group of siblings separated in foster care to the San Diego Zoo!

There was excitement before the adventure even began, as each youth was asked to fill out their Christmas wish list for the upcoming holiday party.

Then it was on to the Zoo, where binoculars were passed out to help youth view wildlife up close. Siblings split up into groups with their brothers and sisters and were free to roam the park and take in some of the biggest and wildest animals, though there was much applause for the best dressed of all, the penguins.

Next up was a behind the scenes open air bus tour where tour guides provided Camp Connect youth with fascinating facts, exclusive views, and the opportunity to touch elephant tusks and teeth.

The day wrapped up as Camp Connect often does, with smiles and hugs!

Students and CEO Have an Open Dialogue with a Delicious Lunch

Guardian Scholars and Promises2Kids CEO, Tonya Torosian recently met for a fruitful discussion. Guardian Scholars enjoyed a delicious Mediterranean meal while covering topics ranging from circles of support, to mentorship, to housing assistance challenges. Through this conversation, Tonya listened and learned about the needs and goals of Guardian Scholars, while offering transparency into how we can meet their needs. 

Promises2Kids values the unique input and opinions of those we serve and for that reason, we are proud to continue this tradition.

Advocates for Change Welcomes New & Returning Members

Promises2Kids welcomed new and returning members of the Guardian Scholars Advocates for Change group last week at the Promises2Kids office! This specialty group helps students develop their public speaking skills and develop their own advocacy as they prepare for optional speaking opportunities like radio, TV, and events.

For our first meeting, Promises2Kids’ CEO & COO, Tonya Torosian, & Stephanie Ortega, were on hand to welcome the class of ’22 -‘23 and talk about why it is so valuable to have advocates within Guardian Scholars.

Second-year Advocates for Change member, Brittney, shared a little about her experience in the group last year, some insight into what it’s like to participate in media, and how the training she received benefited her.

The class then got to know each other with some introductory speaking exercises and each advocate took turns presenting to the class.

We look forward to a great year!