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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

Oct 25, 2023

Siblings on a Safari Sleepover!

Welcome to the jungle!

53 Camp Connect siblings felt the call of the wild as they stayed overnight at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. This unique experience gave youth the chance to get up close and personal with exotic animals and spend a rare night together with their brothers and sisters.

They explored the park all afternoon before settling in for the night with a s’more’s campfire. Youth got to hear just how early lions wake up as the roars echoed across the park before sunrise. In the morning, the adventure continued with a private wildlife presentation and campers got up close and personal with an armadillo, a porcupine, an exotic bird, and more.

Brother, Jason (15), and sister, Elise (10), were thrilled to be on their very first Camp Connect event! They have been in care for two years and their opportunities to spend time together have been limited. This gave them the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time as they virtually never left the other’s side.  Jason was especially careful to clear a path at each enclosure so that Elise could view the animals alongside him.

It was a wild trip filled with priceless memories for Jason, Elise, and many siblings like them. Thanks to supporters like you, there will be many more!

Guardian Scholars Find Culture Through Identity Groups

Finding a community with like-minded experiences, ambitions, and cultures can be essential to a fulfilling life. 

To that end, each month, Guardian Scholars from various backgrounds, including Latinx, Black, and LGBTQIA+, meet with each other to build community and bond with each other over shared identity. 

Established community volunteer coaches who share those backgrounds conduct these groups that often incorporate some element of food, shared experiences, and the significance of cultural heritage. 

In addition, to these, the Guardian Scholars program also hosts professional-oriented groups such as Advocates for Change and Men’s & Women’s Leadership Network. These groups provide professional expertise and experience to youth as they navigate a crucial stage of life. 

Over the coming months, we are looking forward to highlighting students and coaches in these groups and the impact they have on their lives. 

Volunteer Leadership

Promises2Kids Volunteer Leadership Team is comprised of stand-out volunteers who take an extra interest in utilizing one of our most precious resources – the time of volunteers from the community.

The team met this week ahead of a busy time of year. On the docket were strategies as to how to grow our Volunteer Team to meet the needs of our youth and the rollout of our Annual Holiday Gift Drive.

Volunteers are invaluable contributors to our mission of serving youth. From Camp Connect outings, to coaching Guardian Scholar Identity Groups, to 1-1 mentorship, to monthly care package assembly, and more, volunteers generously give their time and energy to create brighter futures for foster youth.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved as a volunteer or mentor, you can find more information by clicking the button to the left. 

Meet Guardian Scholar, Zane

Guardian Scholar, Zane is thriving at USD studying engineering. In his own words:

“Promises2Kids has been a huge network of support for me since aging out of foster care and starting my college career.

They have provided me with a mentor who is knowledgeable, passionate, and caring. It has allowed me to have someone I can feel comfortable turning to with anything regarding academics, social, or life. The program also offers numerous opportunities where you can connect with other youth while gaining skills that can be applied to the real world.

Promises2Kids helps lift the stress of adulthood and independence as I navigate a crucial part of my life.”