Guardian Scholars

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa was 8 years old when she and her brother entered foster care. Both experienced physical abuse and emotional neglect. They were separated immediately, only getting the chance to see each other monthly through Camp Connect. She lived in 12 different placements during her 11 years in the system. Throughout it all, education was her one escape, the one outlet where she felt she could control her future and outperform the labels placed on her.

She joined Guardian Scholars in 2020 and is now a student at UCLA, eventually pursuing her law degree. Vanessa plans to use her insight and experience from being in care to help improve the resources available to underserved communities.  She is driven by a desire to advocate for youth and is looking forward to getting involved with philanthropy after school.

Vanessa is appreciative that Promises2Kids has been with her throughout her entire time in care and even afterwards, from Camp Connect to Guardian Scholars, which continues to motivate her to shoot beyond the stars.

She’s always felt the support of the entire Promises2Kids community behind her as she reaches for her lofty goals.

Thanks to supporters like you, Vanessa can continue to live her own advice and “strive to make yourself proud”.