Guardian Scholars

Meet Ruth

Ruth entered foster care at 9 years old and is a sexual abuse survivor. She and her three sisters were neglected and exposed to substance abuse at home. Like many siblings, she was separated from her sisters. Ruth initially stayed at the A. B. & Jessie Polinsky Children’s center before moving homes 10 times and schools 6 times.

She is now in her first year of studying computer engineering. Ruth is highly motivated to make a positive example of her life. The support from Guardian Scholars has given her the hope and inspiration to pursue that through higher education. She is on track to graduate with her degree in the spring of 2024 and dreams of working for a big firm.

Through Guardian Scholars, she is harnessing the resources available to her and is excited to make meaningful connections with her peers in our Advocates for Change, Parenting, and Women’s Leadership Network groups. Ruth’s advice to youth currently in foster care is to believe that there is light, love, and hope on the other side.