I grew up in San Diego, attended college at USC in Los Angeles, and became a pilot. Then I transitioned into sales as a Real Estate Broker. I am blessed with two children and a wife who is an elementary school teacher. I reached some personal goals in my professional career and felt a strong calling to give back through volunteering.

Children do not get to choose who their parents are. The thought of children being abandoned and not having the tools to grow while they are in their developmental years does not sit well with me. That is why I choose to give back to foster youth.

Promises2Kids was the first organization that I became involved with and I had no idea what an amazing journey it would bring me. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the impact it has had on my perspective on life.

I got involved with Promises2Kids in 2013 through a friend who is extremely committed to the organization. I started mentoring foster youth in the Guardian Scholars program and then added on to help organize the annual Promises2Kids golf tournament. I also became one of the coaches in the Men’s Leadership Network. Coaches collaborate to help give young men wisdom and a leg up as they transition from college into the working world. Since it is a different journey for everyone, it is nice to hear different perspectives from a variety of mentors. Being involved with Promises2Kids challenges me mentally and emotionally in the best way possible.

I have gotten to know the stories of many foster youth through time and deep conversations. I’ve learned about their struggles and hardships by listening. These bonds are earned over time through trust and are forever a part of my heart. This is why I am vested in helping foster youth. 

My journey with Promises2Kids has been an eye-opening experience. I had no idea the impact this organization would have on me and also the impact I would have on the foster youth. The trust we’ve built together is profound.

At the end of the day, we only have so much time and energy to give during our life and it is an important decision on where to spend it. The time that I have spent with Promises2Kids has impacted me on so many levels and I get a little emotional as I think about all of the heavy conversations I have had over the years. This experience has been time well spent and I am truly grateful for Promises2Kids and the profound difference they are making.

Bobby Graham