Foster Funds

Meet Nadia

Nadia entered care when she was 9 years old due to severe neglect. She is now 17 years old, and like many teenage girls, she likes to go shopping and buy new clothes. Instead of asking for new clothes, or the newest gadget, Nadia requested items to better prepare for her future.

To ease the transition into adulthood, Nadia is starting to collect items for her future apartment. Thanks to the generous support of our community, through Foster Funds, we were able to grant her request and purchased kitchen items such as, a flatware set, an air fryer oven, and a cookware set. She saw this as a great opportunity to furnish her future living space. When the packages arrived, she could hardly wait to open them! Nadia was happy to receive household items that she could have for years to come.

Because of supporters like you, foster children like Nadia are provided the opportunity to start the lives they want to lead.