Stories of Giving



“I know how it feels like, to not have a shoulder to lean on, to not be wanted or loved – and Promises2Kids gives a bit of that back to foster children.”

Board Member & Mentor Mark & Mentor Heather

“Giving Back to the Community That Raised Me” 

Since their initial donation in 2020, supporting Promises2Kids has been a deeply personal commitment for Mark and Heather Wills, forming an integral part of the value system they sought to instill within their family.  Mark, having been a product of the foster care system himself, intimately understands the challenges that the youth of Promises2Kids face daily.  Having experienced these firsthand, Mark and Heather’s dedication to the mission of Promises2Kids has only grown stronger over time.

“I know how it feels like, to not have a shoulder to lean on, to not be wanted or loved- and Promises2Kids gives a bit of that back to foster children.”

Mark’s early life began in Korea, where he was born to a Korean mother and an American soldier. At the age of two, he was relinquished to the American adoption system in pursuit of a better future. Embraced by a family in Southern California for two years, fate dealt him another challenging hand when, at the age of seven, he was once again given up, subsequently entering the American foster care system. Despite facing these early hardships, Mark’s resilience and determination began to shape the course of his life and the determination to impact youth served by Promises2Kids.

Fast-forward to the present, Mark’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He is a successful entrepreneur, excelling as both an Owner and Educator at Loan Signing System – a company he co-founded. Mark has developed a highly successful step-by-step training course, empowering notary publics across the nation to become top-tier loan signing agents. His accomplishments stand as an example of what is achievable with the right guidance and support, illustrating the potential for a brighter future for San Diego foster youth.

Both Mark and Heather have leveraged their combined and individual professional achievements to provide unwavering support to Guardian Scholar participants, witnessing the impact of their philanthropic endeavors firsthand.  Mark, in particular, holds a crucial role as a member of the organization’s board of directors, actively shaping the direction and strategies to benefit foster youth.  Moreover, both Mark and Heather actively participate in the Men’s and Women’s Leadership Network, an initiative that connects community “coaches” with a group of young men and women currently in the Guardian Scholars program. Through this program, these coaches provide invaluable guidance and expertise, serving as coaches to empower foster youth to pursue higher education and achieve their aspirations for professional success. Heather understands this well, “I worked with a student who had the fearlessness to approach me and ask for help after she applied to a job through a recruiter.  After every step of the application process, we connected, and she eventually got the job. Helping her accomplish a professional goal meant everything to me.  I thought to myself, this is why I’m involved- this is making an impact.”

Through their continuous support and dedication, Mark and Heather are not only making a difference in the lives of foster youth but also inspiring others, including Mark’s students, to extend their compassion and help create a brighter future for foster children. Through Mark’s company, he has established a mechanism to provide significant annual donations to support Promises2Kids, in addition to their own individual philanthropy.  For the third year, Promises2Kids will be highlighted at the annual Loan Signing System Conference and over 800 individuals will be asked to help support the organization. 

“Whatever you take for granted, a foster child doesn’t.  If you’re sad, you can call somebody. A foster youth has no one to call.  But, Promises2Kids is there for these youth in a way their own families are not and that’s why we support the organization.”

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