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Meet Kiana

Kiana (2) entered care when she was only four days old. She was removed from her home when drug abuse and neglect from her parents made it unsafe for her to remain there.

Like most toddlers, Kiana is very curious. She enjoys playing with anything she can get her hands on, such as Tupperware, remotes, and kitchen cabinet doors. Kiana’s caregiver quickly realized she was not interested in typical children’s toys.

To keep Kiana safe and entertained while nurturing her curious impulses, her caregiver reached out to Promises2Kids to request a sensory board filled with buttons, knobs, levers, and other kid-friendly gadgets.

Through the Something Special Fund and with the help of supporters like you, Kiana’s request was granted, and the sensory board quickly became her favorite toy. She is now able to experiment and explore her inquisitive nature in a safe and constructive way!