Guardian Scholars

Meet Emilio

20-year-old Emilio is in their second year with Guardian Scholars. They entered care at age 14 after persistent physical and emotional abuse from their father. They entered the A. B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center and stayed for several months before going through six placements and eight different schools. Each new placement was an uprooting that brought the daunting prospect of recreating friendships, relationships, and stability.

Emilio joined Guardian Scholars to pursue their academic goals and a better life. They’re currently double majoring in Sociology and Psychology at Southwestern Community College to ultimately transfer to SDSU to study Psychology and LGBTQ+ studies. Emilio hopes to apply themself to improving the lives of marginalized youth through empowerment and education.

Emilio shared that Guardian Scholars has been a big presence in the past two years, including keeping them focused and providing avenues to connect with new people of different backgrounds. The Latinx mentoring group is also a highlight, providing “amazing community and support”. Emilio is a bright and passionate individual and with your support they can achieve their goals.