Camp Connect

Meet Ellie, Lovan, & Oliver

Twins, Ellie (15), Logan (15), and their little brother, Oliver (11) entered care together in 2017. Due to neglect, it was unsafe for them to remain at home. All three live apart in different placements. Not long after they entered care, they joined Camp Connect so that they would have regular chances to see each other and spend quality time together.

On a recent visit, the twins were picked up first but wanted to wait until their little brother was with them before deciding what they wanted to do together. When he picked the bowling alley, they all agreed that was a great idea. Any competition on the lanes was put aside as all three cheered each other on when they got strikes or spares.

The brother’s attention soon drifted to the arcade where seated next to each other, they raced in a car game. Ellie gladly gave her money to the boys, instead watching them with a smile from ear to ear.

Special memories like these are made possible by supporters like you and thankfully, the next visit for Ellie, Logan, and Oliver will be just around the corner.