Camp Connect

Meet Cameron, Christian, Wesley, Parker, and Zoe 

They currently live apart in four different homes. They entered care when abuse and neglect made it unsafe to remain at home. The boys have been attending Camp Connect events since December 2020. However, this was the first time that all 5 had been brought together in over 6 months.
Camp Connect’s recent visit to SeaWorld was Zoe’s first trip with her brothers. On this fun-filled overnight trip, they enjoyed making shark tooth necklaces, feeding rays and sea lions, and dressing up as penguins. Even though Zoe is younger and smaller than her brothers, thanks to their care, she was able to keep up with them and enjoy the day as much as anyone.
The brothers made sure the day was fun for all, especially Zoe. They took turns going on big kid rides while Zoe waited, and then switched to doing something that she wanted to do. She’s just one of the boys with them, keeping up with their roughhouse play and jokes. They all loved every minute of it.
But at the end of the day, she’s still their little sister. So, when Zoe walked up to Christian and grabbed his hand, they held on all the way to breakfast together.
Thanks to people like you, siblings like Zoe and her brothers consistently enjoy the opportunities to spend precious time together making memories.