Guardian Scholars Alum

Meet Former Guardian Scholar Caitlin

Foster youth come to the Guardian Scholars program at a critical point in their lives. Faced with the autonomy and responsibility of their whole lives ahead of them, complicated by the lack of traditional support systems. For many, they dream of a brighter future, but to get from point A to Point B seems too much, out of reach.

What they find in Promises2Kids is mentoring, events, tutoring, and other forms of wrap-around support. They find a place where they can find stability, community, support systems, and the solid foundation needed to create that brighter future that they dreamed of.

Through Promises2kids, the community’s generous support provides rich soil in which former foster children can set down roots and reach for their goals, whatever they may be.

In the spirit of National Foster Care Month, we took time to check in with an alumnus of Guardian Scholars.

Caitlin is the oldest of 3 sisters with different fathers, none of them in their lives. They moved from state to state with their mother who struggled to provide a safe home for them. She remembers growing up no stability and no role models to look up to.

Caitlin entered care at 16 and spent time in the juvenile justice system and struggled with housing insecurity and substance abuse. Pregnancy was a turning point for her, and the reality of motherhood inspired her to do better for her children. Her children still are her greatest motivation to heal and break generational cycles.

She joined Guardian Scholars in 2018. Once a part of Promises2Kids, Caitlin finally felt a sense of community and stability. She found traction in her studies and fellowship with her peers. Events and celebrations around special occasions became cherished experiences. She grew very close with her mentor, someone she could count on, approach with any issue or concern, and simply be present with.

She found a path at SDSU, earning a degree in business, and through her connections at the university, she turned her focus to entrepreneurship, wishing to provide resources to others in disadvantaged positions.

Today, Caitlin is thriving as a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Parent Share, an organization that provides affordable and convenient childcare to empower working and studying parents to reach their higher education and career goals without missing their little one’s first steps or first words.

We are proud to play a part in Caitlin’s story and celebrate her success.