The A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center

Meet Aurora

Aurora arrived at The A. B. and Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center (PCC) at age 5. Due to neglect and her mother not being able to care for her, Aurora’s development suffered. Though she was young, she already had a history of running away from home, difficulty regulating emotions, and other troubling behaviors. At PCC she was screened for KidSTART services which could provide the specialized care she needed.

During her stay, she made significant progress working with a mental health specialist. The structure and tailored care gave her the platform to build confidence when socializing with peers and building her self-esteem. She was placed with a caregiver who had two other children in the home. Unfortunately, Aurora’s ongoing needs were beyond the scope of the family’s ability to care for her, and she returned to PCC.

Due to her history, she was quickly reconnected with the resources which provided the stability and structure that allowed her to make progress. While she is waiting for her next placement, staff are advocating on her behalf to make sure that it will be a lasting one. Aurora is an incredibly resilient girl and thanks to supporters like you she continues to get the care and support she needs to thrive.