Foster Funds

Meet Amaia

Amaia (15) entered foster care two years ago, due to neglect and abuse. She has had 2 placements since entering care.

For years Amaia had been dreaming of playing on a competitive soccer team, however, it was difficult to find the resources to make that dream come true. That’s when her social worker reached out to Promises2Kids, and through the Something Special Fund, Amaia’s dream turned into reality.

To join the team, there was one more obstacle to overcome, Amaia had to attend tryouts. Amaia was determined, and with practice and hard work, Amaia made it past the two rounds of tryouts and successfully made the team!

She was excited to finally be on a soccer team. Her social worker noticed the positive impact this has had on her, so much so that soccer has quickly became one of Amaia’s favorite topics to talk about. Additionally, Amaia has learned valuable life skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, and the importance of teamwork.  

Foster youth like Amaia can find positive outlets and gain valuable life skills, because of supporters like you.