Community Connections

May 24, 2022

Volunteers Help Reunite Siblings in Foster Care

Volunteer Judi Sinopoli was featured in a recent article highlighting the critical work Camp Connect does to reunite siblings in foster care.

Judi is an outstanding volunteer and has contributed over 500 hours with us since 2016. She is also a member of the volunteer leadership team at Promises2Kids where she helps plan events and onboard new volunteers.

This year is the first since the pandemic that Camp Connect will be hosting our annual summer camp. For 4 days/3 nights, we bring siblings together for a traditional camping trip in Julian. Volunteers like Judi are an instrumental part of making this happen! If you would like to volunteer for Camp Connect, visit our volunteering page.

You can read the full article here.

LatinX Group Rounds Off Year with Special Dinner

It was a special occasion as Guardian Scholars LatinX group gathered to close out their ‘21/’22 year with a special dinner in Old Town. The evening meeting was attended by 18 students and mentors who enjoyed good food, each other’s company, and celebrating the connections made throughout the year.

The group prides itself on its objectives of providing a safe space, guidance and mentorship from leaders in the community, and lasting relationships with peers from common backgrounds.

At the end of the meeting, the group chat was busy with students making plans together to go hiking and visit the beach during the summer break.

Guardian Scholars Burning Rubber at Go-Kart Track

A group of Guardian Scholars, their Program Coordinator, and a volunteer mentor turned some laps at K1 Speed, an indoor go-kart track in Barrio Logan.

There was wheel-to-wheel racing, and they got their adrenaline up in a series of fun and intense races as they competed for trophies. After burning some stress and tension, they turned to a discussion geared to help them open up on the topic of men’s mental health.

Mentor, Al, led a powerful conversation addressing the various stigma that men of color face, providing key insight, advice, and understanding. Students were encouraged to share their difficulties in addressing the issues they struggle with. And even, if you decide to seek outside help, how difficult it can be to navigate the system and find the right therapist or care provider.

By the end of the day, our group had tackled some tough issues and had some fun during a memorable day!