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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

May 23, 2024

Congratulations High School Graduates!

Promises2Kids held a high school graduation dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in San Marcos, hosting 42 high school students and their guests.

It is not easy to balance extracurricular activities, including ours when you are in high school, especially for foster youth who often have therapy, sibling visits, and other foster family member commitments. But these young people did it!

Promises2Kids has a dedicated team that works with high schoolers to navigate this challenging transition. At a time when many begin to wonder, “what’s next?” and “who can I turn to?”, events like these are essential for building community and mutual support around a shared accomplishment.

Each graduate was presented with a gift basket filled with housewarming gifts that included a rice cooker, cookware, a cozy blanket, food storage containers, and more to make their next move a little easier.

High school graduation is a momentous occasion in a young person’s life, and we are proud of every graduate. Big things await and we are excited to be along for the journey!

Acknowledging National Foster Care Month

The San Diego City Council proclaimed May 2024 to be “National Foster Care Month” in San Diego.

On any given day, there are over 2,000 current and former foster children living in San Diego County. This proclamation ensures visibility to an often-forgotten population and affirms the community’s commitment to providing the critical support for children to reach their full potential.

Promises2Kids CEO, Tonya Torosian, attended the meeting to receive the proclamation, along with several organizations, to express gratitude to the Council for this recognition

We are grateful to Council President @seaneloriverad9, and the entire council for joining us in uplifting foster children.

The City Council is a valued partner in our mission, and we look forward to further collaboration in creating a brighter future for foster children

Guardian Scholar Speaks on the Importance of Mental Health Care

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), an organization that raises awareness and advocates for mental health support, held a Mental Health and Well-Being Celebration at Grossmont Center to honor, #MentalHeathAwarenessMonth.

Guardian Scholar and Advocate, Alyssa, spoke at the event about her experience in foster care, the challenges that many in her shoes have faced, and the resources and programs, such as Promises2Kids Guardian Scholars, she’s utilized on her journey.

Any struggles with mental health can be very alienating, with many feeling disconnected and on their own. It is critical to prioritize taking care of mental health for anyone, and for many current and former foster children, this need is even more pronounced. We are proud of Alyssa for using her voice and her story to speak up for others, diminish the stigma, and spread awareness for support in our community.

Advocates for Change Celebrate a Year of Growth

We brought a celebratory close to our year for Advocates for Change!

This group equips Guardian Scholars with skills to feel more empowered and prepared for any form of public speaking – to tell their story, spread awareness about foster care, and share the impact of having support.

It was a big year for these advocates with articles in the Union-Tribune, meetings with lawmakers in Washington D.C., symposiums with the County of San Diego, and many segments with local TV studios.

We are proud of this group of young people and are consistently inspired by their courage and advocacy, not only for themselves but for others. We celebrated their accomplishments with an elegant evening on Mission Bay at Foodies 4 Foster Kids partner, Dockside 1953, which you can visit to show your support through the remainder of #NationalFosterCareMonth.

Visit all 39 Partners through the remainder of May!

Open Dialog Guides Promises2Kids’ Programs

Regular meetings between Promises2Kids leadership and the youth in our programs are an essential window into how we can grow to meet the ever-changing needs of San Diego’s current and former foster children.

During a recent dinner, CEO Tonya Torosian and Guardian Scholars covered pressing topics ranging from the development of our mentoring groups, and much more. Through this conversation, Tonya listened and learned, while offering transparency into potential next steps.

We value open dialog, self-advocacy, and strive to adapt our programs and support to the evolving needs of the youth we serve. A core belief of Promises2Kids’ philosophy is that service is a conversation – the input and opinions of those we serve are essential to creating the conditions for their success. For that reason, we are proud to continue this dialog as our community grows together, and we applaud our youth for using their voice!

Something Special Grants a Musical Wish

An advocate recently reached out for a special 9-year-old girl, requesting the funding of music lessons for a year. Music helps her build confidence, socialize in a healthy setting, and connect with her Mexican American heritage.

Our Something Special fund was designed to meet these needs, ensuring that just because a child is living in foster care does not mean they should be deprived of the joys and extracurricular experiences of childhood.

We were happy to fulfill this request for funding and overjoyed when we received an email update on the child’s progress. This would not have been possible without the community’s generosity!

Any child with an open dependency case in San Diego County is eligible for the Something Special Fund. The application and more info is available at