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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

March 22, 2023

Camp Connect Enjoys a Day of Movie Magic at Universal Studios

It was a day of movie magic for Camp Connect, who visited Universal Studios Hollywood this past weekend! 53 youth were on hand to play and let their imaginations run free.

Siblings arrived early for breakfast, and as usual, there were many warm hugs hello, and many sat together for the ride up. They were given themed goodie bags before boarding the bus up north and many sat together for the ride.  

Some headed straight to Mario World where siblings could race each other on the new Mario Kart ride. Others went to Harry Potter World to cast spells on each other. The Mummy and Jurassic Park rides were popular with the older groups, while the little ones enjoyed meeting classic characters like Scooby Doo and riding the Minions ride.

Theme parks like Universal are where we make special, lifelong memories. Thanks to supporters like you, these Camp Connect siblings were able to share it with each other.

Advocates for Change Speak at Board Retreat

Promises2Kids held our annual Board retreat to plan how to best support the needs of foster youth. The Board had the opportunity to hear from members of our Advocates for Change group, to hear their stories, struggles, accomplishments, and the impact of our programs firsthand. They also shared how important it is to personally make a difference and give back to other foster youth.

Advocates for Change is a specialty group that provides youth the opportunity to develop their storytelling voice, strengthen their public speaking and presentation skills, and to grow into Advocates for foster youth in the community.

Opportunities like this are special to Promises2Kids as we value the unique input of those we serve.

Black Group Prepares a Special Treat

Guardian Scholars Black group met for their monthly class with a fun topic everyone can relate to. This group focused on how food is an essential facet of a shared culture. Sharing food is a common way to bring joy into our homes and our lives.

Guardian Scholars shared their favorite traditions, what meals they like to prepare, and how they entertain guests. Dishes like macaroni and cheese and pan-seared salmon were a couple of the favorites.

Students then rolled their sleeves up and got busy making some delicious homemade Oreo truffles for themselves and the rest of the group!

LGBTQ Group Practices Art Therapy

Art therapy is a valuable and fun form of self-care, as Guardian Scholars LGBTQ group recently found out.

Students and coaches got started with healthy competitive team building as they played a few rounds of group trivia. It is amazing to see the rapport in our newest specialty group grow with each passing month!

Guardian Scholars then turned their attention to their creative sides with a fun painting activity. “Succulents for Success” involved painting a decorative plant pot to house a small succulent. Taking care of another living thing is an excellent reminder of the care we need to show ourselves and serves as a reminder for youth to take time for themselves as we enter the busy midterm season.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, you can click the button to the right!

Congratulations to our eNewsletter Signup Contest Winner

We are happy to congratulate the most recent winner of our gift card contest giveaway, Taralyn! She entered the drawing by signing up for our eNewsletter and won a $100 Target gift card.

Taralyn has known of Promises2Kids for some time now, she attended our Dream On Concert Gala last year, where she was inspired to get involved with Promises2Kids. Thank you Taralyn, for creating a brighter future for foster children!