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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

January 25, 2023

Mentor Shares on the Rewards of Giving Back

Meet Guardian Scholar Valeria, and her Mentor Veronica! They have been paired for 2 years. Valeria entered foster care when she was 5 years old and has lived in the A.B. Jessie Polinsky Children’s Center (PCC), foster homes, and group homes, where she was separated from her sisters.

Throughout the two years they’ve known each other, Veronica has been a constant support for Valeria. They enjoy catching up at Starbucks, and Valeria appreciates Veronica’s willingness to listen to her when she needs someone to talk to.

“I am grateful to have a mentor because she is someone I can talk to, which is very important for students who have a lot going on including work, school, and being a full-time mom,” shared Valeria. “My mentor has helped me grow in all aspects of life, including my finances, and relationships. She plays many roles in my life. I am grateful for Veronica.”

Mentor, Veronica had mentors herself growing up and felt the desire to give back to Promises2Kids, as she had a personal connection to PCC and had volunteered there in the past.

“Becoming a mentor is rewarding,” shared Veronica. “You get to be a part of another person that is open to options and to learning. I love when I can help with teachable moments by providing resources and past experiences.”

To all the amazing mentors – thank you for providing our youth with guidance, support, and encouragement!

Guardian Scholars Latinx Group Reflects on the New Year

At the recent Latinx group meeting 15 students, coaches, and mentors met to focus on Latin American traditions surrounding the New Year. Guardian Scholars discussed the functions of
New Year’s resolutions and how they can affect change in their lives as well as the significance of reflecting on the previous year.

They shared gratitude for the victories and challenges that they successfully overcame.

They then rolled their sleeves up for some art therapy and created pinch pots to serve as a physical reminder of their goals, intentions, and resolutions for 2023.

Camp Connect Siblings Stay the Night at SeaWorld

Splash Zone warning!

Last weekend Camp Connect brought 43 brothers and sisters to a fun-filled overnight trip at SeaWorld.

Youth spent an afternoon exploring the park and learning about sea life. After hours, they enjoyed a special program where they made their own shark tooth necklaces, fed the rays, held a relay race in front of Shamu, and dressed each other up as penguins.

After a restful sleep, youth had breakfast with their siblings, then fed the sea lions breakfast before heading home.

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters like you, siblings separated in care can continue to make lasting memories together through Camp Connect!

Coaches Bring Networking Knowledge to Leadership Group

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen” – Brené Brown

Men’s and Women’s Leadership Network met for a class focused on networking and filled with practical advice and experience.

Coaches led a conversation on the benefits of networking and the skillset of finding common ground with others. A discussion opened up on the obstacles students face in relating to those with different backgrounds and how to overcome those. Guardian Scholars then applied these skills as they practiced amongst themselves and with coaches.