You enter foster care after playing the parent to your mother for years – only to be placed in foster homes that lock up food, call you names, and threaten to separate you from your brother. How would you cope? This is the true story of Timothy* – and you won’t believe how he persevered.

[separator top=”40″]Growing up, life for Timothy was not easy.  He spent years taking care of his mother – years playing her role.  When he entered foster care, the support he thought he would receive from foster families did not materialize.

What outcomes would you expect from Timothy?

Timothy persevered.  Despite it all, he continued caring for his brother and excelled academically.  Defying all odds, he graduated from the University of California, San Diego and is pursuing law school.

Guardian Scholars enables current and former foster youth like Timothy to pursue a higher education with the support of caring staff, mentors, and a financial scholarship. In moments when foster youth feel alone, Guardian Scholars reminds them that they have a support system – that they have a family.

85% of Guardian Scholars participants complete higher education compared to 3% of foster youth nationally. Your support could mean the difference between homelessness and college graduation for a foster youth like Timothy.

All foster youth deserve access to education – will you help us fulfill those dreams?

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*Timothy’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.