A beautiful young girl who has suffered years of abuse from her parents, the very people who should be protecting her. This is Carmynn’s Guardian Scholars story.

LEAD LAT Young Girl

Carmynn’s own mother blamed her for the abuse she endured from her stepfather. She was removed from her home and put in foster care from her last black eye.

When people find out she is a foster kid, she says they assume she is on a path to failure. Carmynn knows her circumstances growing up do not dictate her future.

With the support of Guardian Scholars, Carmynn is on track to graduate from UCSD and hopes to teach so that she can impact student’s lives.

Guardian Scholars provided her support when she needed it most. The program has helped her to understand that her abusive background is NOT who she is, and has helped her realize that there is a bright future on the horizon.

85% of Guardian Scholars participants complete higher education compared to 3% of foster youth nationally. Your support could mean the difference between homelessness and college graduation for a foster youth like Carmynn.

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