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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

Feb 22, 2024

Raising Awareness During Black History Month

To bring special attention to Black History Month, KUSI and Allie Wagner welcomed Director of Programs, Rashida Elimu to speak about the unique challenges black foster youth face in and after care, and the programs we have in place to support them.

The harsh reality for many black foster children is that being separated from their homes also means growing up separated from their culture, heritage, and identity. We need the help of the San Diego community to help address this need!

From providing individual mentorship, to connecting with peers through our Black Identity Group, to ensuring that separated siblings are able to spend quality time with their brothers and sisters to maintain that vital bond, we’ve listened to feedback from our black youth and responded with growing programming. We want to thank and celebrate black volunteers and mentors who have gotten involved to meet these youth where they are and help them feel that they belong.

For more information on how to get involved in volunteering or mentorship, reach out to our Mentor Manager,

A Roaring Good Time for Camp Connect!

The sun was shining, the engines were roaring, and 45 Camp Connect brothers and sisters joined in as they cheered on for @monsterjam at Snapdragon Stadium.

They began in the Pit Party where groups got up close and personal with their favorite monster trucks. The siblings worked together to collect all the signatures from the star drivers.

All seated with popcorn, they cheered together as the trucks rumbled through the tunnel into the arena. The Zombie and Grave Digger trucks were the favorites and siblings waved their arms in support throughout the show. Many children watched holding their breath as monster trucks took turns doing handstands and backflips off dirt ramps.

Days like these capture a child’s imagination and wonder, and to share it with a brother or sister is just what your support makes possible.

As always, a special thank you to the 16 volunteers who gave their time to make sure this was a memorable day for all!

Southwest Offers Career Exploration to Ambitious Guardian Scholars

The sky is the limit for Guardian Scholars!

@southwestair is the Official Airline of Promises2Kids, and also longtime supporters of our mission. They recently invited a group of Guardian Scholars to tour their local office at the San Diego International Airport to explore the various career opportunities they offer in aviation.

Students visited corporate conference rooms and offices, baggage and luggage distribution, and the “Mission Control Center” where crews communicate with pilots, ground crews, mechanics, and more.

Guardian Scholars have a whole community of support behind them, offering the platform to explore opportunities. We are grateful to have partners like Southwest Airlines who put this into action to help these students realize their many possibilities.

A Special Visit from the Bookmobile for Guardian Scholar Parents

The Guardian Scholars Thrive Parenting Group was paid a special visit by Mary Randel and her Bookmobile! Mary, a longtime supporter of Promises2Kids, is also a lover of books and wished to share her love with the children in the group.

This was also the first meeting to welcome parenting mentors to the group as a part of our continued efforts to cultivate the live-lasting benefits of mentoring. The group’s focus was self esteem and how to encourage children towards healthy habits. Mentors and parents explored difference between encouragement and praise and how vital it is for everyone to push forward as rewards are not a guarantee, especially during tough times in our lives.

We are grateful to see the community step up to support this group of young parents and their families!