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San Diego Foster Youth Current Events

Dec 21, 2022

A Holiday Party to Remember!

85 Guardian Scholars and their families, along with volunteers, mentors, and Promises2Kids staff enjoyed a holiday party at UCSD Park & Market. Attendees ate tacos, took photos with stilt performers, and were at the photo booth. From a tree-building contest, to dancing on the dance floor, there was an activity for everyone to participate in. This special event brought the Promises2Kids community together for a great time.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, and the @fbisdcaaa for giving their time to make this event possible for our foster youth. We are so thankful for our supportive community.

Brothers & Sisters Reunite at The Old Globe for a Holiday Party

Last weekend, Camp Connect took a group of siblings separated in foster care on a day filled with holiday festivities!

Their day began by attending the Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas play at The Old Globe, a first for many. After the play, the Grinch joined the siblings for a holiday party, where they had dinner, treats, and participated in a gift exchange. Youth were excited to open gifts together with their siblings, as they may not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. Thanks to the generosity from @fbisdcaaa and Hugimals, each youth received a weighted stuffed animal to comfort and remind them of this special day.

After opening gifts, a friendly game of musical chairs brought youth, volunteers, and staff together. Siblings left with lasting memories of this special day, looking forward to the next time they’ll be reunited.

A special thank you to our longtime supporter, ICW Group, for being the presenting sponsor of this event. Without their generous support and without our volunteers, events like this would not be possible. We are grateful to all those who gave their time to make this event one to remember!

The Padres Host Youth for a Special Private Movie Screening at Rooftop Cinema Club

Thanks to the Padres, a group of foster youth had the opportunity to enjoy a private screening of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” at Rooftop Cinema Club, giving them the ultimate open-air movie experience. They received complimentary popcorn and candy and were thrilled to receive a special visit from the Pad Squad and the Padres mascot, the Swinging Friar. Nights like this are truly unforgettable! Thank you to the Padres and Rooftop Cinema Club for making this event possible.