From homeless and hopeless, to thriving college graduate and UC San Diego student

Angelina CamposHomeless from the ages of 14-23. In and out of group foster homes. Domestic abuse survivor. 

Considering the circumstances, Angelina Campos would probably not have been voted “Most Likely to Succeed.”

Then again, many of the best success stories started at the bottom.

Campos was raised by a schizophrenic mother and an undocumented father, until she was put under the care of her grandparents at age 10.

For four years, Campos was forbidden any contact with her father.

At age 14, Campos wanted to visit her father in Mexico, who was in a coma and did not have long to live. Still, her grandparents would not let her visit him.

“Frankly, that just wasn’t something that I was willing to accept,” says Campos.

So with the knowledge that she was forfeiting her home and would not be welcomed back, Campos set off on her own and was able to say a final farewell to her father before he passed away.

That decision set Campos up for what would be nearly a decade of living life primarily on the streets and an on-and-off-again relationship with alcohol and drugs.

Campos became pregnant with her first son at 19 years old. 

Pregnancy is already one of the toughest things the female body can go through – being pregnant and homeless at the same time requires an entirely different level of determination, especially considering the homeless aren’t typically welcomed into business establishments with open arms. Some city areas have laws about sitting on the sidewalk.

“The more pregnant you get, you have to go to the bathroom frequently,” says Campos, “and nobody even lets you use the bathroom. So what do you do?”

After giving birth […]

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Kadiedra — amazing role-model, student and inspiration


Kadiedra’s journey through foster care was a challenging one. From being separated from her siblings, to enduring additional abuse at the hands of those set to protect her, Kadiedra has fought hard for her education and hopes her story will encourage others to move forward and find their voice.

Kadiedra, or Dee-Dee as she likes to be called, came into foster care when she was just five years old.  One of her earliest memories was taking a long car ride on a rainy dark night to an unfamiliar building – the Polinsky Children’s Center, providing the safety and security she needed. Though she had escaped neglect at the hands of her mother and abuse at the hands of her grandmother, foster care came with a different kind of fear and sadness. After four placement changes and separation from her brothers and sister, a friend of the family stepped up to foster her and her three siblings.

Throughout her struggles, Dee-Dee held fast to her goal of pursuing higher education. She has had to deal with the death of a special person, the one who she referred to as her mom, and has narrowly avoided homelessness, but Dee-Dee has always found a way to continue in school and balance it all.

Currently, Dee-Dee is caring for her younger brother who, because of her support, is successfully graduating from high school and enrolling in college, all while continuing on her own educational journey in hopes of combining her love of animals with her interest in business.

Kadiedra is an amazing role-model, student, and an inspiration to so many.  Promises2Kids is thrilled to share her story of resilience, bravery, and persistence.

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SDSU Student’s Abusive Past Fuels Her Passion for Education

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and through Promises2Kids programs, those who have experienced abuse are given a chance to break the cycle.

Claudia, a San Diego State University Sophomore, grew up in a home of physical abuse and neglect. Claudia has used the difficulties of her past as motivation for her school work. Promises2Kids has been encouraging and supporting Claudia through high school and into college with the financial and emotional assistance she needs for success.

Claudia grew up with an alcoholic, abusive mother and an absent father with an addiction to drugs. As circumstances worsened at home, Claudia and her sister stopped going to school to take care of their youngest sister and the cooking and cleaning that was being left undone by their parents. Claudia and her sister would only go to school if they were hungry, and to take as much food as they could back to their youngest sister. This would lead to years of struggling to catch up with peers, later in Claudia’s life. At the time, Claudia and her sister’s thought this life of neglect and abuse was normal. Claudia’s mother moved their family around a lot, to avoid anyone noticing that her children were not in school. By 6th grade, Claudia had lived in 14 different hotel rooms across three different states, and had attended 7 different schools.

In the summer’s Claudia and her sister’s would visit their grandmother in San Diego. In their grandma’s neighborhood, there lived a couple with children of their own. The couple, Raul and Eileen Arzola, provided toys for their children to play with, which they shared with Claudia and her sisters. When Claudia was in 6th grade, she grew very close with […]

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Giving Thanks This Holiday

Be thankful for the traditions you share with your family, and give to foster youth who are not so fortunate.

Each year at Thanksgiving I am filled with warm memories of my family and our Thanksgiving Traditions.  For me, I remember big family gatherings with the children playing while my mom and Aunts were busy cooking and sharing all the joys of the past year.  The day always ended with a fabulous meal and sharing how thankful we were to be together as family.  For Andrea, a member of our team, as a child, her family would visit her grandparents every year, and she would spend hours in the kitchen helping her great-grandmother make the pies for dessert.

Maybe you remember helping your mom make cornbread, sneaking a bite of stuffing before dinner, sitting on the couch and watching football with your dad, or going around the table and saying what you are most thankful for.

Today I am writing to you because foster youth don’t have those happy memories, and I need your help to change that.

Natalie spent most of her childhood living with neglectful, abusive parents. Once she was in foster care, she was bounced around between foster homes, and ended up in a group home where it felt that the staff never really cared about her personally.  In all of her 17 years, Natalie never once experienced a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with people who truly cared about her.

But because of our community supporters, last year Natalie sat down for a family Thanksgiving for the very first time.

Hosted by the Promises team, volunteers and many community supporters, Natalie and her fellow Junior Guardian Scholars students were treated to a Thanksgiving meal complete with all the […]

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Foster Youth Holiday Shopping Days

DECEMBER 5, 9, 11 & 12, 2015

2015 Holiday Shopping Days for Foster Youth 10 Years & Older

Once again this holiday season Promises2Kids will be hosting Our Annual Holiday Shopping Event! We are pleased to announce our holiday shopping partners:  Walmart and Costco

Shopping will take place on 4 separate days:

Saturday, December 5th — 8am-11am 
Costco – Mission Valley
2345 Fenton Pkwy. San Diego, CA 92108
Light breakfast and refreshments will be served

Wednesday, December 9th —  4pm- 7pm 
Costco – San Marcos
725 Center Dr.  San Marcos, CA 92069
Hotdog dinner and refreshments will be served

Friday, December 11th 4pm-7pm
4840 Shawline St, San Diego, CA 92111
Dinner and refreshments will be served

Saturday, December 12th 8am-11am
4840 Shawline St, San Diego, CA 92111
Light breakfast and refreshments will be served

  • Promises2Kids will have a check in table at the store entrance. Youth will check in by providing their last name and date of birth.
  • No pre-registration is required. Please do not RSVP.
  • Youth not on the list must provide recent placement documentation or a letter from their social worker or they will NOT be permitted to shop.
  • Youth MUST be present in order to participate.
  • This opportunity is for youth to purchase items/ something special this holiday season. Therefore, youth WILL NOT be permitted to purchase the following items – gift cards, toiletries, basic need items or groceries/laundry/cleaning items, alcohol or tobacco.
  • No returns will be possible.

Please contact your County Social Worker/Regional Manager with questions on youth eligibility or to see if your youth is on the list. Registration list is provided to Promises2Kids by […]

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Yigal Azrouël 2015 Spring Trunk Show – December 8th

Join Promises2Kids for an exceptional day of fashion, champagne and hors d’oeuvres when you can meet the designer, shop and pre-order his current Yigal Azrouël and Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël collections.


Click here to RSVP

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Vintage Chanel Trunk Show

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.15.41 PM

Jewelry Trunk Show General Reception
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Featuring hundreds of vintage Chanel jewelry items

Private VIP Shopping & Reception
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Select Chanel clothing, handbags and jewelry with first shopping opportunity
Personal stylist
Opportunity to win a $1000 Neiman Marcus shopping spree
Tickets $75

Hosted at the home of Jonathan and Wendy Segal
The Cresta
6005 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla 92037

Click here to make your reservation today
For more information contact 858-278-4400

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Solana Beach Super Tasty 5K

Solana Beach Super Tasty 5K Walk/Run to Benefit Promises2Kids!

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Solana Beach, California

Join us for the World’s Toughest Gourmet Walk with 100% of all fundraising dollars donated directly to Promises2Kids — plus $5 from every registration sold.

The Super Tasty 5K is a walk/run event serving up delicious food from twenty Solana Beach eateries. Participants follow the map, sample savory tastings, and collect passport stamps along the five-kilometer route. To keep things fun on this eating adventure, they’ll designate awards for Best Costume, Best Team Theme, and Top Fundraising Individual and Group. Participants finish up at the Bike and Fitness Expo and Expo Beer Garden.

  • FREE food at over 21 restaurants in Solana Beach
  • Free T-shirt
  • Fantastic Raffle prizes for finishers
  • Bike and Fitness Expo

Learn more at Giro San Diego today!

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‘Super Tasty’ 5K benefit walk returns to Solana Beach


‘Super Tasty’ 5K walk on Sept. 6 to benefit Promises2Kids

Del Mar Times / Solana Beach Sun   August 18, 2014

At least 20 restaurants are expected to join the third annual Super Tasty 5K, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 6 in Solana Beach. Once again, the event is a fundraiser for Promises2Kids, a San Diego nonprofit working for the benefit of children in foster care.

Nichole Peterson, executive Director of the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce, helps plan the event with organizers of the Giro di San Diego Gran Fondo, a two-day celebration of cycling, held on Sept. 6 and 7 at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach. Participating restaurants include Carruth Cellars, Crush, Juicer’s, The Curious Fork, Wild Note Café, and others.

“We’re always trying to help bring business to Solana Beach,” she explains. “Through the Super Tasty 5K, we get to showcase the unique restaurants here by providing a sampling of what each has to offer.”

Giro organizer Carrie Panek, looking to enhance the fun of the “world’s toughest gourmet walk,” conducts a raffle for all participants and awards prizes to individuals and teams in two categories. “It’s a non-competitive 5K, but we like to keep it interesting,” says Panek. “There are awards for the top fundraising team, best individual costume, and best team theme costume.

“Fundraising is important to us, so we encourage people to register today, form a fundraising team, and start soliciting donations.”

The Giro di San Diego Gran Fondo San Diego is a two-day event celebrating cycling, food and San Diego’s North Coast. It features three mass-start road cycling routes, two mountain bike routes, a two-day Bike & Fitness Expo, and the Solana Beach Super Tasty 5K […]

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Foster kids reunite with siblings at camp


About 85 foster kids separated from their siblings had the opportunity to reconnect at a four day camp where they were able to participate in activities together. Sisters Rachel and Rosa scurry through an inflatable obstacle course together enjoying their time together. Christian Rodas

By J. Harry Jones5:56 p.m.Aug. 8, 2014  UT San Diego

JULIAN — Siblings separated by the county’s foster care system are being reunited this weekend at a four-day summer camp in the mountains near Julian.

About 85 kids are participating in Camp Connect, a joint venture between the county’s Child Welfare Services office and the nonprofit Promises2Kids, which raises the funds, organizes the events and provides the volunteers who make it all happen.

Like most summer camps, kids spend the day rock climbing, playing volleyball, horseback riding or goofing around in the swimming pool. But the experiences mean so much more, campers and officials said.

“I’m with somebody that I really love and … with people who love me,” said Stephany, a 14-year-old camper catching up with older sister Ruth on Friday. (Organizers said last names of campers couldn’t be released, by court order.)

County officials say they try hard to keep siblings in the foster system together, but for various reasons it’s sometimes not possible. Of the 3,100 foster children in the system about 500 don’t live together.

“For a lot of our kids they’ve already lost parents, neighbors, their school, and to then be separated from their siblings is devastating to them,” said Margo Fudge, the program director and adoptions manager for Child Welfare Services.

“There is research that shows that […]

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