Promises2Kids Guardian Scholar’s expands educational opportunities for foster youth by providing the financial support and encouragement a family would typically provide.

Promises2Kids will celebrate the graduation of 9 foster children from the Guardian Scholars next Tuesday, June 18. The private event will feature a reception, short program and welcomes the new class of Guardian Scholars.

As part of their mission to create a brighter future for foster youth in San Diego, Promises2Kids’ Guardian Scholars provides a network of resources that encourages foster youth to pursue higher education through community college, trade school or a university degree. The highly successful program provides former foster youth with a partial financial scholarship along with critical multifaceted support through mentoring, SAT prep, college planning and financial aid workshops to assist them in adapting to and excelling in a higher education setting.  Guardian Scholars exposes these college bound foster youth to higher education and career opportunities they might not otherwise explore.

  • More than 200 youth have been provided scholarships.
  • Over 90% of guardian scholars will be first-generation graduates.
  • Promises2Kids has an 85% success rate with our Guardian Scholars.
  • According to national data, less than 3% of foster youth acquire a college education.
    • In the 2012-2013 academic year, Promises2Kids increased the student scholarships
      from 36 to 50.
    • It costs $5,000 to support one student in the Guardian Scholars program.

By giving college preparatory support, academic scholarships, mentoring, and individual support, foster youth gain the necessary tools to support themselves and become self-sufficient adults.

Why Guardian Scholars is Important/Impact on San Diego

  • More than 50% of youth in Foster Care do not graduate high school and only 3% obtain a college education
  • Upon aging out of the foster care system, 51% of foster youth are unemployed and 33% receive public assistance
  • 80% of foster youth only go into the careers they are exposed to (primarily social services)
  • By intervening at a critical time in foster youth lives, the program helps build confidence, critical thinking, creativity, and a love for education that will help them grow into productive members of the global community
  • Provides foster youth with critical resources and opportunities while creating a whole new skilled global workforce that otherwise may remain untapped

More Foster Stats

  • More than 3,500 youth are in the San Diego County foster care system due to abuse or neglect
  • Many foster youth face poor educational & professional outcomes
  • 60% of girls become pregnant within a few years of leaving the foster care system
  • Approximately 300 foster youth emancipate from the San Diego County foster care system each year, most with no support or plan for the future
  • 50% of foster youth will be homeless their first two years after emancipating from the system